International Abrahamic Forum (IAF)

The International Abrahamic Forum benefits deeply from the many decades of fruitful experience in dialogue between Christians and Jews by its parent organization, the ICCJ. The IAF was established to expand inter-religious conversation to include Muslims as full partners in order to offer opportunities to advance the discussion and explore new ways of interacting with each other in the spirit of dialogue. The IAF offers a global platform for those ICCJ member organizations and individuals who are already engaged in this trilateral dialogue, and opens new partnerships with other organizations to create an international network for connecting people, local communities and organizations where experiences may be shared and new projects may flourish.

IAF Workshop on Pilgrimage and Spirituality

On October 6, 1 p.m. UTC ICCJ's International Abrahamic Forum is going to offer a workshop entitled "Where There is a Will, There is a Way: A Conversation on Pilgrimage and Spirituality". Registration for participants is open!

Where There is a Will, There is a Way:
A Conversation on Pilgrimage and Spirituality

[Flyer - PDF-file]

Pilgrimages, journeys of love, ziarah, aliyah, spiritual journeys - we have many names, various rules and different experiences with it, but there is no doubt: the phenomenon of moving our bodies towards a defined direction exists in all of our traditions. We, the Steering Committee of the International Abrahamic Forum (IAF), started from this point of shared common ground in order to fruitfully expand on differences in the practices.

The subject of pilgrimage is not only an interesting point to deal with inter-religiously, but especially in times of COVID 19. The global pandemic influences our ability to leave our homes, let alone the countries we live in. Pilgrimage however means: to leave your home (and country) to arrive at a destination in order to experience things you won`t experience by staying home. We thus feel the urgency to talk about it: not only among ourselves, but together with you!

Become part of the conversation by joining our workshop, listening to short inputs (that will be a taste of our reflection), fill the space we create for your contributions and questions and share experiences in breakout rooms arranged for small group encounters.

Join us on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 1 pm UTC
[i.e. for example Berlin: 3 pm; Buenos Aires: 10 am; Los Angeles: 6 am; New York: 9 am, Perth: 9 pm; Qom: 4:30 pm; Rabat: 2 pm; Singapore: 9 pm; Tel Aviv: 4 pm]

REGISTER HERE [Zoom registration form]